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Download Videos From Instagram:

If you love the Instagram platform and all of the videos that people share and create, you may be sometimes interested in saving Instagram videos to your phone so that you can access them offline. Downloading Instagram videos can be easier than you may think.

Unfortunately, the in app settings for Instagram will not allow you to instantly download videos from the platform in the main application. There have been many users that have gotten creative with screen capturing videos or even filming their phone but now there is an easier way.

You can download video from Instagram using our site. To get started, you will just need to input the link to the video you would like to download and then wait for the prompt on where you would like to save it on your device. You will then be able to download the video from the URL on your device and access the video whenever you may want offline.

Being able to download videos from Instagram can be a great way that you can make compilations, produce better videos online for your company, build off of your old Instagram content and more. With the ease of use of our website, you can simply collect the links for videos that you want to download, and then have a full collection of videos for watching, editing and more.

By downloading videos from Instagram on our client, we can make sure that you have access to many file formats. You choose the output path and the way that you would like your video saved. This can make it easier as you are handling any type of editing task with the videos downloaded and more!

Visit our website today with the videos you would like to download and we can make sure that the process can be easy for you. Submit your link to get started and watch all of your favourite Instagram videos offline!


Nobody wants to watch hours of video online because it will consume lots of data and time. In such cases, whatโ€™s the best solution? The best solution is to download a video from Instagram and watch it later. Now, the question arises, how to download videos from Instagram? There are plenty of extensions and software available to help, but ensure that theyโ€™re safe and donโ€™t contain any malware.

Instagram is the third most popular website, but its functionality is limited when it comes to downloading videos from Instagram for free. It allows we to save only a limited number of audio and videos by using some common methods.

  • How to Download Video from Instagram?

    We can download a video in just three steps.

    1. Copy LINK of the video from Instagram that we want to download. We can use the context menu or Ctrl+C.
    2. Paste this LINK in the search field and click on search. For this, we can use Ctrl+V.
    3. Weโ€™ll get a list of audio and video files for download; we just have to click the download button and download will begin.
  • What Type of Instagram Downloader Do We Need?

    Sometimes we have to download different tools for Mobiles and Desktop. We need to ensure that whatever tool we choose for downloading must support popular formats, such as MP3, MP4, FLV, WEBM, WMV, and M4V. Using any downloader, we can download the video and audio files for free.

  • Why Do We Need a Instagram Video Downloader?

    We need to download videos from Instagram so that we can watch it during travel, flights, and classes when we donโ€™t have internet. Many mobile applications allow we to download the video so that we can watch it in the future.

  • How to Download mp3 and mp4 Videos on Desktop?

    • First of all, download and install Televzr Downloader for downloading a Instagram video in mp3 and mp4 format.
    • If weโ€™re using Ummy, we will see buttons like โ€œMP3 via Ummyโ€ and HD via Ummyโ€ below the video.
    • When we have the app installed on wer PC or Mac, weโ€™ll see a download button under each video.
    • This downloading method works on all versions of Windows.

    2nd Method: We Donโ€™t Need Any Downloader

    Can we imagine we can download a Instagram video without any add-on? Yes, we can download a video by using these two simple steps.

    • We must have a LINK of a Instagram video and add โ€œssโ€ in the LINK of the video, and it will initiate the download process.
    • We will not have to wait for too much because the downloading will start in a short time.

    Original LINK:

    LINK with ss:


    We might not have internet access, especially during travel and classes. The best way is to download a video from Instagram and watch it later. We can download apps for downloading or use the above methods on PC. Ensure that weโ€™re using a tool that can help download videos in all the popular formats.

Supported Websites:

  • Download video from 9GAG
  • Download video from Aparat
  • Download video from Bandcamp
  • Download video from BitChute
  • Download video from Break
  • Download video from BuzzFeed
  • Download video from Chingari
  • Download video from Dailymotion
  • Download video from ESPN
  • Download video from Facebook
  • Download video from Flickr
  • Download video from
  • Download video from Imgur
  • Download video from Instagram (Video & IGTV)
  • Download video from IMDB
  • Download video from Izlesene
  • Download video from Likee
  • Download video from Liveleak
  • Download video from Mashable
  • Download video from Pinterest
  • Download video from Reddit
  • Download video from Roposo
  • Download video from
  • Download video from Sharechat
  • Download video from Soundcloud
  • Download video from Ted
  • Download video from TikTok (video, music & non-watermarked videos)
  • Download video from Trell
  • Download video from Tumblr
  • Download video from Twitter
  • Download video from Veoh
  • Download video from Veojam
  • Download video from Vimeo
  • Download video from VK
  • Download video from Youtube
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